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The Publicity Materials of
the Affiliated School of Xiamen Institute of Technology
校   训   品学力行
School motto: cultivate virtue, accumulate knowledge and practice with vigor
学   风  学而不厌
Learning style: insatiable in learning
教   风  诲人不倦
Teaching style: tireless inteaching
办学理念  有教无类、因材施教
Management philosophy: education for all in accordance with their aptitude
培养目标  培养学生具有民族精神和国际视野;有独立思考能力、创新能力和批判精神;文理并重、做人第一、全面发展。
Educational objectives: cultivate well-rounded decent students with national spirit and international vision who possess abilities of independent thinking, innovation and critical thinking both in liberal arts and science
Xiamen, a scenic resort and a hub of maritime transport, has a long history of integrating the eastern and western cultures. It also enjoys a reputation of overseas Chinese running schools and promoting education, reaching out to the common citizens. By seizing the opportunity of the growing internationalization of elementary education, the affiliated school of Xiamen Institute of Technology (XIT), located in Jimei District, is aiming at building itself into a first-class modern school featuring humanism and traditional Confucianism.
As a modern educational institution, the affiliated school of XIT not only boasts excellent teaching staff but also carries out extensive coopertaion with renowned schools abroad. Yet, it does not forsake the traditional Chinese culture. The teachers and students here are urged to bear in mind and live up to the school motto: cultivate virtue, accumulate knowledge and practice with vigor. “Be insatiable in learing and be tireless in teaching,” as Confucius remarked.
As a student-centred school, it gives priority to moral education and spares no effort in training outstanding all-rounders who are confident and independent, excelling in foreign language acquisition and attaching equal importance to arts and science. With quality eductional resources and global visions shared in extensive coopertaion and exchange with renowned universities abroad, it is hoped that the affiliated school of XIT will become a century-old elite school which spends a hundred years in rearing decent accomplished students.
1、人文校园  环境育人
Humanistic Campus with Advanced Facilities
As a neighbour of XIT, the affiliated school is nurtured by the humanistic environment and scientific atmosphere of the College Town. Thanks to its planning concept balancing appearance and function, the campus is beautiful and elegant with a cosy and comfortable layout showing a perfect combination of traditional charm and modern flavour. The total construction area of the campus reaches 30,000 square metres including kindergarten, primary department, junior and senior high departments as well as the international senior high department. A full range of state-of-the-art facilities are available, such as multimedia classrooms, canteens, dormitories, laboratories, voice learning systems, computer centres, television station, multifunctional classrooms, modernised library in addition to sports fields.
2、筑巢筑梦  学制贯通
Integrated Educational System
The affiliated school of XIT offers an integrated educational system ranging from kindergarten to senior high school, which is beneficial for students’ career integrity as a result of the succession in management. The gorgeous environment and excellent culture of the school also lay a solid foundation for students’ growth.
3、名家领航  人才荟萃
The Outstanding Teaching Faculty
Ms. Zhao Jirong, the principal of the affiliated school of XIT, is a distinguished expert in elementary education who used to head Xiamen Foreign Language School. Having stood strict selection and completed tests both in their teaching capabilities and ethics, the outstanding teaching faculty are ready to devote their wisdom and passion. The excellence of education, management and service is promised by this team with gorgeous track record and rich experience.
4、精英课程  腾蛟起凤
Cutting-edged Curriculum
To accommodate the demands for the well-rounded development of potentials, the affiliated school of XIT has constructed a modern educational system enabling students to learn and develop themselves with positive attitudes.
Virtual reality (VR) will be introduced into activities both in and out of class to create multidimentional virtual space where students are able to exchange real-time information with languages or gestures to experiece not only the realistic physical world but also a world beyond that by breaking the limits of objective restrictions such as time and space.
Modernised innovative laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology with a full range of first-class equipment are available to arouse students’ interest and broaden their horizons for the mysterious scientific world with hands-on experiences in fundamental experiments.
5、文理交融  外语见长
Balanced Curriculum Featuring Foreign Language Acquisition
Focusing on all-round in students’ development, the affiliated school of XIT also promotes foreign language acquisition as its brand by designing special courses with reference to both national and international syllabi. Taught by foreign teachers with various methods and interactive experience, these courses put emphases on the Immersion Theory to develop language skills and apply the teaching model of “senario – structure – communication” in small-sized classes, which are effective to improve comprehensive abilities that facilitate students for their further education in famous universities and colleges both at home and abroad.
6、资源汇聚  多元发展
Extensive Cooperation and Quality Resources
Having establishing alliance with renowned universities like California Baptist University and Wilfrid Laurier University, the affiliated school of XIT benefits from global quality eductional resources in such areas as student exchange, teacher training, curriculum development and online education, which, on the other hand, ensures access to prestigeous overseas colleges and universities for prominent graduates to pursue their further studies.
7、品牌教育  基固根深
Reliable Education Brand
With the vision statement to rear decent accomplished students with a century-old elite school, Fujian Jidi Group sticks to high standards in creating a top-of-the-range brand in education industry by cooperating with prestigeous universities and colleges both at home and abroad to integrate and apply quality educational resources and experience. So far, it has successfully established education institutions including Quanzhou Foreign Language School, Fuzhou Wenbo School and Xiamen Institute of Technology.
By seizing the opportunity of the growing internationalization of elementary education in Xiamen, it strives to construct a digital campus with eco-landscape style and provide fifteen-year quality education resources for students.


8、奖教奖学  优而励之
Competitive Reward Mechanism
The affiliated school of XIT has set up attractive incentive schemes for achievements at all levels as the encouragement for further hard work and innovation from both students and teachers.
Recruitment Plan for 2016
The affiliated school of XIT receives school age students mainly in Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou and welcomes students from all over the country. Enquiries and registration begin in May 2016.
The recruitment plan for 2016 is as followed:
Primary department: 100 students in 4 classes
Junior high department: 100 students in 4 classes
Contact Information
Address: The affiliated school of Xiamen Institute of Technology, 1251 South Suban Road(3rd gate), Jimei District, Xiamen

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